Hi! Some basics about me:

Where am I and how did I get there? I was born in Manhattan and raised right across the river in New Jersey, and I dove headfirst into the music I currently write about with my high school best friend’s assistance and then via the musical community of New Brunswick, NJ when I went to Rutgers for undergrad. I now live in the beautifully queer community of South Philly.

What kind of music do I write about, and for which publications? I write about music—primarily indie rock, pop, noise, and electronic music, most often by people who aren’t cis straight men. I write with some level of regularity for Pitchfork, MTV News, The Creative Independent, Paste Magazine, and FLOOD Magazine, and I’ve been published in GQ, The A.V. Club, Bandcamp Daily, Billboard, FACT, and (RIP) INTO.

What makes me want to write about a certain song, album, or other work? I’m often more interested in writing about what an album says about its creator or what it’s like to simply exist in this hellscape of a world rather than just writing about what an album sounds like. If an album sounds good but gives me nothing more to say than that, I’ll likely just keep listening for my personal enjoyment and not write about it. And I’m not afraid of reviewing a song or album negatively.

How do you get in touch with me? All the above said, I do gently encourage you to send me music (or, if you’re an editor, hire me to write about music). I promise only to try to listen to what you send—I make no promises to actually get around to it or even reply to you, unless what you’ve sent really moves me. Contact me here.

Photo by Julia Leiby